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New practitioner registration form

Please fill out the registration form before your first practice with me. You only do it once, and the purpose is to inform me about your health conditions and your incentives to practice yoga. This form serves to legalize our relations and makes working together easier and more efficient. Thank you for your collaboration.

Email is the main communication channel with students, please make sure you are providing me with a working email address. Thank you!
There is no wrong answer to this one, all reasons are valid, even “just out of curiosity” or “to meet girls in hot yoga pants” 😉 feel free to share your mind
The General Terms and Conditions, together with the Legal Waiver can be found in the footnote section of the homepage www.lidiadimova.com
It’s only once per month, news, promotions and some thoughts on yoga. No spam, promise! 🙂

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